The cocktail solution
that boosts sales

Our cocktail solution

The Orkestra solution

The cocktail machine and touch pad control

  • Made-in-France, patented technology

  • Installation and training for your teams

  • 24/7 product support with your Kuantom specialist

  • Access to solution updates

  • Two-year warranty

5 200 € ex-tax

Consumable “pods”

Smart, recyclable bottles

  • A selection of premium spirits

  • Signature mixers created by our mixologist collective: 100% pure juices, no preservatives or artificial flavouring

  • Build a comprehensive menu of alcoholic and non-alcoholic cocktails

  • Support from our mixologist when choosing and developing your recipes

  • Unique technology that is easy to set up and use

  • Access to new recipes developed by our mixologists to match the season and consumer trends

32 € ex-tax* / spirits

13 € ex-tax* / mixers

*Prices may vary by region and country

Our starter offer

Orkestra solution

machine and tablet

solution Orkestra

5 200€ ex-tax


247 € ex-tax / month*

*24 months commitment


Discovery pack

selection of spirits and mixers


1 278€ ex-tax*

approx. 500 cocktails

*Prices may vary by region and country


Activation kit

selection of accessories


including tasting glasses, mixing glass, mixing spoon, garnishes and cocktail menu...


See the kit
I’m interested

Profitable from just one cocktail/day

Profit simulator

Monthly sales

100 cocktails 300 cocktails 1 000 cocktails

Recommended retail price

13€ inc-tax 13€ inc-tax 13€ inc-tax

Annual turnover

15 600 € 46 800 € 156 000 €

Annual net margin*

12 120 € 36 360 € 120 200 €

*Excluding machine costs

X4 margin ratio

Alcoholic cocktail Non-alcoholic cocktail
70 %
of sales
30 %
of sales

Cocktail cost ex-tax

Cocktail cost ex-tax

2,9 € 1,9 €

Recommended retail price

Recommended retail price

13 € 9 €

Work with us to develop your cocktail range

Interested in finding out more about installing the Orkestra solution at your venue?
Speak to our team !

Benefits for your venue

Improve the quality of your service

With the Orkestra cocktail machine, offer your customers consistent quality and reduce preparation times. It takes just 30 seconds to make a cocktail, whenever and wherever it is ordered. Non-stop service for customer satisfaction guaranteed.

Orkestra bar

Make life easier for your staff

Whether you are a bartender, waiter, barista or receptionist, Kuantom’s quick, reliable and efficient machines make life easier for your teams. Receive personalized assistance, from training teams on how to use the machine to product support seven days a week.

Données de consommation

Manage stocks and control your profits

The touch pad connected to the cocktail machine offers real-time information on sales volumes, turnover and bestsellers. Receive personalized support from our teams to develop your cocktail range and adapt it to your customers’ needs.


Generate additional revenue

With the Orkestra cocktail machine, generate additional sales by offering your customers original signature cocktails designed by a collective of prestigious mixologists. Our team will also assist with your communication materials to improve your cocktail range’s visibility and appeal (cocktail menus, QR codes, etc.).


Places to try our signature cocktails

Interested in tasting our cocktails for yourself? See all the locations where the Orkestra solution is available.

Three steps to setting up the solution at your venue


Introduction to the machine

We book an appointment for a tasting to present the machine and its signature recipes, and to discuss your venue’s needs.


You choose your cocktail range

Together we build a cocktail package adapted to estimated sales at your venue and place an order for the machine and consumables.


Setup and training

Delivery of your comprehensive solution and assistance setting it up and training your team.


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How are the signature mixers created?

Kuantom created its signature mixers with the help of a collective of renowned mixologists. Drawing on their mixology expertise, they created three flavour profiles. These signature mixers offer a new take on classic recipes from the world of mixology, adding a modern vision to each.

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Are the signature mixers “100% pure juice”?

Our signature mixers are produced with 100% pure juice, natural flavouring, water and sugar.

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Do your cocktails contain allergens?

No, our signature mixers are allergen-free.

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Do you need to be a bartender to use the cocktail machine?

No. Whether you are a bartender, waiter, barista or receptionist, Kuantom’s quick, reliable and efficient machines make life easier for all your teams. You will also receive training from a member of the Kuantom team to help you get to grips with the cocktail machine.

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How are pods installed on the machine?

Remove the seal on the capsule and insert the pod, capsule-side-down into the machine, in line with the guiding notch. The machine will then detect the ingredients in the pod.

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Are pods refillable?

No, empty pods cannot be refilled as they would no longer be detected by the machine.

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Why is sparkling water added to some cocktails?

Sparkling water is added to some cocktails for effervescence.