A cocktail innovation
created especially for

Kuantom, patented, made-in-France technology

A video introduction to
the Orkestra cocktail machine

A high-performance
cocktail machine

Cocktails can be served in under 30 seconds thanks to patented technology that ensures precise measurements and perfectly mixed ingredients.

Smart and recyclable bottles

An NFC chip on each bottle identifies the contents and guarantees the authenticity and traceability of all ingredients. Glass bottles are the ideal way to preserve flavours and aromas, and are easy to recycle.

A digital cocktail menu

Each machine is equipped with a smart touch pad with access to the cocktail menu and serving suggestions. The digital menu is automatically updated as bottles are inserted in the machine. The Dashboard feature displays real-time information on volumes consumed, turnover generated and top sales.

Work with us to develop your cocktail range

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Discover our signature recipes

Our signature cocktail and mocktail recipes are produced specially by the Kuantom collective of mixologists.
These unique recipes are made with 100% natural ingredients sourced from all around the world.