Signature cocktails
created by
our mixologists

Natural ingredients and premium spirits

Our cocktail and mocktail menu

Signature cocktails created by passionate mixologists known throughout the world. Our alcoholic and non-alcoholic recipes offer serving opportunities in any location at any time, from morning mocktails to pre-dinner cocktails, food pairings and late-night drinks.

Cocktail Galapagos Samba

Galapagos Samba

Glenmorangie’s vanilla flavors combined with pineapple and pomegranata juices and enhanced by a touch of lime, passion berries and almond.

Cocktail Carmen


A fragrant cocktail combining the Hennessy’s aromas with the sweet notes of sakura flower and grapefruit.

Cocktail Bora Salsa

Bora Salsa

Hennessy’s woody notes mixed with pineapple, almond, pomegranata juice, lime and Ethiopian passion berries.

Cocktail Green Comet

Green Comet

Hennessy’s fruity and spicy notes mixed with mint, lime, cucumber and a note of Penja white pepper.

Cocktail Cosmic Garden

Cosmic Garden

A non-alcoholic mocktail, which mixes mint with cucumber, lime and a touch of Penja pepper.

Cocktail Geisha Says No !

Geisha Says No !

A delicate non-alcoholic mocktail that blends raspberry and grapefruit with sakura flowers and elderflower.

Cocktail Astral


A refreshing non-alcoholic mocktail with the bitterness of ginger and lime and the sweetness of orange blossom and honey.

Cocktail Vod'kalypso


Belvedere’s smoothness and pineapple juice combined with almond, lime and exotic passion berries.

Cocktail Moscow Moon

Moscow Moon

Classic, Moscow Mule revisited which combines the intense flavors of Belvedere vodka, ginger, lemon and honey.

Cocktail Queen in Pink

Queen in Pink

A fruity blend of Glenmorangie whiskey and grapefruit juice softened by elderflower and sakura flowers.

Cocktail Space Cliff

Space Cliff

Glenmorangie’s fruit notes mixed with ginger, lime and softened by a touch of honey and orange blossom.

Cocktail Boréalis


A refreshing cocktail that combines Belvedere vodka with mint, lime and cucumber enhanced by a note of Penja white pepper.

Cocktail Supernova


Glenmorangie fruity notes combined with cucumber, lime, mint and Penja white pepper.

Cocktail Rolling Stars

Rolling Stars

Hennessy’s strong character mixed with ginger, lemon and orange blossom for a fresh and spicy cocktail.

Cocktail Marilyn Kiss

Marilyn Kiss

Classic, Cosmopolitan revisited with Belvedere vodka, raspberry, grapefruit, sakura flowers and elderflower.

Cocktail Calico Jack

Calico Jack

A fruity non-alcoholic mocktail that blends pineapple, pomegranata with lime juice, passion berries and a final note of almond..

A selection of premium spirits

Signature mixers made with 100% natural ingredients

High-quality ingredients are the foundation of all mixology, which is why we create 100% natural pure juice mixers, with no preservatives or artificial flavouring. Our range of Signature Mixers has been specially designed to pair perfectly with our spirits using original ingredients from across the globe.

Mixer numéro 01

Spicy profile

An authentic new take on the legendary Moscow Mule, this light and refreshing mixer combines the tangy aromas of lime and ginger with the softness of honey and orange blossom.

Mixer numéro 02

Floral profile

A subtle aromatic blend of elderflower and grapefruit, raspberry and cherry blossom juice, this mixer adds soft and slightly sweet fruity flavours.

Mixer numéro 03

Herbal profile

Designed to add refreshing herbaceous notes, this mixer offers the perfect combination of mint and cucumber, livened up with a spicy end note of Penja white pepper.

Mixer numéro 04

Fruity profile

With a base of pineapple juice and pomegranate juice, passion berry brings character to the alliance of lemon and orange citrus fruits. A hint of almond adds the finishing touches to this natural and rich symbiosis.

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Meet our mixologists collective

Kuantom’s first collection of signature cocktails was designed by a collective of internationally renowned mixologists made up of Mei Ho, Florian Thireau, Kévin Ligot, Matthias Giroud and Rémy Rodriguez. These taste specialists used their creativity and expertise to create new takes on old classics using original ingredients from around the world.

Discover the workshop

Rémy Rodriguez

A bar manager for 15 years, Rémy Rodriguez is now Head of Mixology at Kuantom. He makes sure Kuantom’s collection of signature cocktails look and taste great.

Mei Ho

“Mixology is to the bar what gastronomy is to the kitchen.” For mixologist and trained pastry chef Mei Ho, this two worlds interlace in the form of delicious and unexpected creations.

Florian Thireau

For Florian Thireau, creating a signature cocktail requires a very precise vision. Sculpting every one of these cocktails, he puts ingredients first and creates incredibly elegant recipes.

Kévin Ligot

Kévin Ligot is all about products that taste as good as they look and works on the staging of each of his signature cocktails, finding precise balance in original ingredients.

Matthias Giroud

From Saint Petersburg to Mykonos, Dubai and Mexico, Matthias Giroud has travelled the world to create unique cocktail experiences with ingredients from around the world.

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From behind-the-scenes tales from Kuantom workshops to inspiration for your cocktails, here you’ll find the very heart of Kuantom.