“Putting the art of mixology
at the touch of a button”

Discover Kuantom’s history !

A new approach to mixology

After becoming frustrated with having to go to luxury hotels and speakeasy to find a good cocktail, Kuantom decided to combine technology and mixology to make cocktails universally accessible without compromising on customer experience and quality. Taking its cue from the world of mixology, Kuantom is constantly developing, offers the perfect combination of ingredients and is driven by innovation.


From the creation of each recipe to the patented technology used to make our signature cocktails, Kuantom is always looking for ways to make things better.

Cultural exchange

Sharing the French way of life, ensuring respect for the profession’s history and traditional expertise.

High standards

Recipes and technology that guarantee the quality and reliability of service.



Our history


The solution is released on the French market

Since its release in May 2021, the Orkestra cocktail machine has been a huge hit with professionals in the hospitality trade. To date, more than 50 venues with diverse needs have been equipped by Kuantom, including bars, restaurants, caterers, hotels, holiday resorts, casinos and cruise ships. Kuantom closed 2021 with an A-class round of financing raising 2 million euros.


Mass production of the cocktail machine

Kuantom develops a French manufacturing ecosystem with more than 20 suppliers. To date, 14 patents have been registered.

Development of a signature cocktail menu

Kuantom gathers together a group of renowned mixologists, composed of Rémy Rodriguez, Matthias Giroud, Florian Thireau, Mei Ho and Kévin Ligot, to create signature cocktail recipes.


Strategic partnership with the Moët Hennessy Group

Kuantom completed a second round of fundraising in 2019. Shareholders include the Moët Hennessy holding company, which is the wine and spirits branch of the LVMH Group.

This strategic partnership with Moët Hennessy enables Kuantom to prospect for B2B customers via their international sales force and secures the supply of premium spirits (Belvedere Vodka, Hennessy Cognac, Glenmorangie Whisky) as well as global distribution and logistics for consumables.

Strategic partnership with the Moët Hennessy Group

Kuantom presents its Orkestra cocktail machine at major events including the Roland Garros tennis tournament, the Viva Tech conference and the Geek Mais Chic exhibition at Bon Marché.


The first patented cocktail solution

Kuantom presents the innovation at Tech & Innovation shows. The company joins French Tech, a unique ecosystem of French start-ups, investors and decision-makers. Kuantom completes a first round of fundraising among business angels, enabling it to invest in R&D. In late 2017, Kuantom registers its first three patents.


The Kuantom company is founded

Kuantom was created by three founders: Valentin, an aeronautical engineer, Alexis, a sales rep, and Simon, a computer engineer. They all share a passion for mixology, technology and finding creative solutions.

In 2015, the first prototype for their cocktail machine was created in Paris.